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Student Loan Consolidation FAQs

By Myloer Jamery

Not sure how to go about consolidating your student loans? Here are some of your top FAQs answered to help you out.

Q: Where can I get information on all the student loans I have?
If you need information on all the student-loans that you have, you can go to the national student Loan Data System to find out more. This is a database that includes data from lenders, schools, federal loan programs and more.

Q: When should I consolidate my student loans?
You can consolidate your loans when you are in deferment, when you are repaying, and even while you are still in the grace period you have. It's a good idea to plan carefully so you don't shorten the time you have payment free, so starting the process when you get to the middle of the grace period is a great idea.

Q: Do I have to pay fees to consolidate my student loans?
There are no fees that are charged if you go through the federal loan consolidation program and you can pay off the loan early without prepayment penalties as well.

Q: How long does it take to consolidate?
In most cases you will find that it takes about 1-3 months to go through the consolidation process. Always pay on your loans until you are notified that the consolidation loan has gone through.

Q: What will the interest rate be on the consolidation loan?
The interest rate can vary when you try to consolidate student loans. It will depend on the type of loans, the lender, and the timing. You may want to compare a few different lenders to find the best rate for the consolidate loan.

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