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Step Farther From Debt

By Yossarian Smythe

BORROWING money for valid reasons at a time when it is most needed isn't actually a bad idea. Most of us would agree that it is the most logical thing to do, especially during emergencies. But how do we really keep ourselves away from debt mess?

Spending within means

Knowing how much you have is very important. The truth is many of us have lost track as to how much we have. That way, we would be cautious against spending over what we actually earn. Living beyond our means brings us on the verge of indebtedness.

It is equally important that we have an idea as to the rough estimate of our monthly bills. Pay bills on time so it won't accumulate. Anything that is left from will have to be just what we should spend. It doesn't really matter how little is left. It is just a matter of budgeting.

If what remains of the total payables may not seem enough until the next payday, it is a must that you find other means, other than borrowing. We could consider part-time jobs.

For credit card holders

For people using credit cards, it is must to be aware and knowledgeable of their terms and conditions. These credit card companies have some clauses which may adversely affect one's finances, unless you know how to play around their game. Pay a little over than what is required as a minimum to avoid interest rates from soaring. Or better yet, refrain from credit card charging amount that you won't be able to pay in full at the end of their calendar month.

There are instances when the credit card company would offer credit line increase. Why cave in when there isn't any valid reason to do so. Same is true with credit card companies offering promotional rewards for frequent credit card use.

Inasmuch as you could, make cash purchases only. Paying using checks or debit cards and automated teller machines are also acceptable.

Monthly expenditure calendar

Coming up with a monthly calendar for your expenditures would be very helpful. That way, you'd find time to prepare and raise payment for a bill for a given due date. Paying bills on time keeps our payable away from penalties and surcharges.

Among the bills that come at an expected date of the month include utility bills - rent, electricity, water, telephone, internet, amortizations, among others. Prioritizing regular bills makes a lot of difference. It helps us keep track of our own financial record and expenditures.

Other options

There are lots of ways to stay away from debt. One is to raise our revenue. We could consider part-time jobs accept job orders right at the comfort of our work and home. There are lots of companies in dire need of professional help on a "virtual" set-up, or simply through an on-line arrangement.

Another is to maintain only what is needed. Keep just the necessities not luxuries, needs, not wants. If you are paying for a monthly amortization of a house that is big enough for you or your family, we can perhaps seek loan restructuring or swap it with a smaller one on a condition that we still get some cash windfall from the buyer who'd assume the remaining balance. Then we get a smaller one with a significantly lower monthly payment.

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