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How to Get Out of Your Debt

By Jennifer Parkes

In America the rate of personal loans is rising day by day. Everyday millions of Americans are struggling with their high interest personal debts. If you are yet to pay off your credit card debt just evaluate and organize your debt. Start now so that your debts can come down to $0. If you are trying to find out a solution and not getting it - try debt consolidation. Some steps are there which can be followed in order to eliminate your multiple debts and improve the credit card balance as well. In my view these guidelines should be maintained if you want to get your debt under control.

First of all try to stop using your existing credit cards. You will be in real trouble if you want to add some more debts in your credit card. Take all your cards from your wallet and give them to your wife to lock in somewhere. The cards should be completely out of reach e.g. in bank locker or in an ice block. Keep one for any emergency but yes!! Try to understand the emergency. A slim HDTV or a Bluetooth enabled gadgets do no come under any emergency.

Secondly try to evaluate the ratio of your debt-to-income. Some loans such as home loans or student loans are part of anyone's life but other loans such as car loans, credit loans, etc. can sometimes prove as terrible. You fall in a repayment scheme and your financial condition drowns day by day. Try to use a 'Debt-to-Income Ratio' document where you can asses you expenditure and can understand your monitory situation. Income should be free flowing if you are under deep debt. Otherwise you will just continue to pay minimum payment due and credit debt will reach to the mountain.

As third point, keep in mind that you should prepare first before you jump into ocean of debt. Try to gather some simple info about your credit card debts as how many card you have? What are the interest rates of those cards, which one has the highest balance, etc? Also try to know about their payments modes as are they flexible? Debts can be secured or unsecured, try to know about all those intricacies. Once you prepare the 'Debt-to-Income Ratio' document, you can get a clear picture of your stand.

Trying reducing the interest rate is the most important point regarding debt elimination. Try to talk to your lenders and negotiate to minimize the interest rate as per your convenience. Sometimes getting in touch with the lenders and talking to them helps a lot to lower the interest rate. Just try it out! Anyway you are not going to loose anything. Your database will help you in doing so.

Think about a date when you can be debt-free. Try to stick on that and once you are debt-free please do not go to your usual spending habit. Try to use fewer credit cards so that you get control over your debt. Debt is good but too much of anything is just not right.

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