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Common Financial Mistakes Made by Homeowners

By Joseph Devine

When it comes to owning a home, condo, or other types of property, it is important for people to understand how big of a responsibility ownership really is. Although many people are led to believe that home-ownership is a large part of the "American Dream", some may be misled into thinking that it is an easy step to take and does not require significant investment.

Because some individuals may be unprepared for the requirements of purchasing and owning a home, foreclosures rates in the U.S. remain extremely high, especially in times of serious financial downturn. While some people may face serious financial constraints due to job loss, divorce, loss of spousal support, and other reasons, some people may simply have purchased a more expensive home than they could actually afford.

Although the reasons for financial hardship may vary greatly, there are common mistakes that homeowners often make that can lead them to foreclosure. Persons who act quickly and in a responsible manner often are able to avoid foreclosure by negotiating with their lenders and modifying or refinancing their mortgage loan to avoid negative actions. People that fail to deal with the problem immediately may find themselves in serious trouble.

A common mistake that some homeowners make when facing financial crisis is to do nothing. In some cases, homeowners who are struggling to make timely payments may choose to skip payments without notifying their lender of the hardships they are facing. Although financial struggles can make for difficult decision-making, it is important for homeowners to do all they can to make the required payments on their mortgages.

Another mistake that some people make is attempting to sell the home without analyzing the market and making a concerted effort to get the best price possible for their homes. While some people may feel a sense of desperation when it comes to making payments on their mortgage during difficult times, it is essential to get the best value for your home in order to pay off your mortgage note.

Finally, it is important to be prepared to discuss your financial situation if you do decide to negotiate new terms with your lender. Persons who fail to show accurate preparation for the meeting may not be taken seriously in their attempt to negotiate new terms. By providing financial statements including income, taxes, utility bills, and other information, the lender may be able to see how much work you have put into the plan for negotiation and may take your requests more seriously.

Persons who are looking to prevent foreclosure and regain proper standing with their mortgage lender may benefit from having an experienced mortgage modification attorney on their side. For more information, visit the website of the Maryland mortgage modification lawyers of Chaifetz & Coyle, P.C.

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