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Breaking Your Cycle of Debt

By Bufen Hill

People have accepted debt as a part of their lives. They have debts on their homes, cars, possessions and just about everything they own. In fact, many people are so much in debt that they cannot even keep track of all of their debts.

It is only normal to have a little debt. However, most people have a lot than what can be called a little debt. Hence, it becomes important to break out of this cycle of debt. In fact, it is possible to come out of debt and here is how you can do it.

Begin with all the high interest debts. This is the best place to begin any debt repayments. This will most often include your credit cards, which usually are at the top when it comes to charging high interest rates and higher minimum payments.

You can start by paying off these debts first. While you try to pay off these debt, you should simultaneously keep making the minimum payments on your low interest debts also. However, the focus should be on paying off the high interest debts first. Once they are paid off, you can work towards paying off the others.

Secondly, negotiate with your creditors. This can play an important role in making you debt free. In case you are finding it difficult to pay your minimum payments or if you know you will be late on your payments, it is better to inform the creditor beforehand.

Besides that, you can negotiate with your creditor to give you a more favourable rate of interest. Instead, they will also be able to talk to you about some other alternatives that might work for you better.

Thirdly, you should merge as many debts as possible. This is not so difficult to achieve. Besides, it will give you a lot of advantage in terms of interest rates and payment terms. You can transfer balances from the high interest cards to lower interest ones. This alone will help you save quite a lot.

Apart from that, in case you own a house, you can get a home equity loan that will be at a much lower rate of interest and will offer you better terms. You can take any secured loan also offering your vehicle as collateral.

Finally, in your efforts to become debt free, do not compromise on your retirement savings. This is very important. While paying off any debts remains high on your priority list, it is important to save for your retirement.

A debt can be quite a heavy burden to bear. It can cause you to lose sleep and take a lot of stress. Hence, it is better to shed this burden as soon as you can or as soon as it is possible for you to do it.

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